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15th October 2010


Cleaning products based on sunflower oil and demineralised water
very friendly for humans, animals and the environment

Biofast+: washing product for printers

RR500 paintbrush cleaner: for safely clean all your brushes

now even milder and better washable!


Products for Artists


Graffiti remover

based on sunflower oil and fermated corn


  • for the removal of graffiti from hard non porous surfaces

for example from trafic signs (does not damage the reflection layer) , windows, doors, furniture, plastic etc etc.


approximately 80% of the graffiti can be removed with this product

Painting Cleaner

  • for the safe cleaning of your painting
  • remove nicotine, soot, dirt
  • no fire hazard
  • no fumes
  • safe in use


RR500 for the cleaning of all your paint brushes

method of use


  • very economic in use

  • does not evaporate

  • biodegradable

  • prolongs the life of your brushes

  • many hard brushes will turn soft again

  • can be used for oil- and acrylic paint for artists, and for all kinds of paint used around the house

New application:

Removal of acrylic paint from clothing


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